Paper recycling

Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is a big, global business. And not only it is economically sound, but it is also very eco-friendly. Just a few simple facts will illustrate this fact. For example, recycling only a ton of paper will save 17 large trees and over 4.000 kilowatts of electricity. It is more than enough to power up an average house in the United States for about six months. Not only that, but we also save a lot of water (about 25 cubic meters) and oil (about 300 l). As you can see, recycling paper is essential to conserve our forests and save power, but also to keep people employed, because the demand for paper and cardboard is still on the rise.

Recycling process

Recycling-proccessThe whole process of paper recycling is rather complex, and it contains many steps. Essentially, it is about creating a mixture of paper, water, and chemicals to break down the paper into specific components, most important being cellulose. The result of this process is pulp, or sometimes called slurry. Once the pulp is strained and treated, it will become recycled paper.

Reasons to recycle

Paper_recyclingAs we mentioned earlier, the paper recycling process saves energy, creates jobs and, most importantly, keeps our forests safe. Paper making, historically, had the potential to wipe out whole countries of their forests, because paper consumption is constantly on the rise. Once recycling techniques have been perfected, we now have the technology which allows us to enjoy our parks and forests. Today, only 10-15% of paper pulp comes from actual wood logs. Most of the pulp is the result of waste wood which was historically burnt. Even with that in mind, paper production plants account for about 35% of all felled wood. But, as we explained, recycling a ton of paper means 17 trees still alive.

Energy consumption is also a major factor because it takes more energy to produce paper from unrecycled pulp versus recycled one. Some estimates go as high as  40% in savings. More accurate data cites that more than 4.000 kWh of electricity is saved when 1 ton of paper is recycled.

Finally, Environmental Protection Agency cites that recycling paper means 35% less water pollution and more than 70% less air pollution when compared to producing new paper. Modern pulp mills have modern, technologically advanced and eco-friendly machinery with a much smaller polluting effect.

How does it work?

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